My Favourite Mummy Fuel Snacks

I have always been a grazer and live by the ‘little and often’ rule. This not only keeps me energised but also keeps my stomach cramps at bay. Snacking also became a necessity when I started breastfeeding as I needed the extra calories and also the energy the snacks gave me to keep on going all day, and night! I also need an extra burst of energy to see me through my workouts especially if they are later in the day (when Daddy gets home!). With all this in mind, I wanted to share my favourite, shop bought, snacks with you.


  1. Nak’d bars – a perfect size snack in so many delicious flavours, a favourite of mine being Cashew Cookie. These are filling and full of natural ingredients, no added sugar!




  1. The Primal Kitchen– I’ve recently discovered the cocoa brownie protein bar, amazing!! Perfect for a refuel after a nap time workout or gym session. So cakey and feels very decadent, full of good protein!




  1. Kallo dark chocolate rice cakes – These are my go to snack mid-afternoon or at that time between tea and bed when I just need some chocolate. I always keep a couple wrapped up in foil in the baby bag!




  1. Trek bars– These dense oat bars are perfect to fuel a sweaty gym session and actually also got me through labour!! They are also great as a topping on smoothies and for a snack post workout!



  1. Kind bars – Great bars for nut lovers and lovers of great food combinations. My favourite is almond and sea salt, such a great mix and these really keep me fuelled for longer.




  1. Graze – Something savoury for a change, these bags of goodness are really tasty and great of you fancy a savoury bite for a change. The barbecue flavour are amazing and really crunchy.




  1. Propercorn – it has to be peanut butter and almond flavour for me, such a distinctive taste and a real treat for the taste buds! Perfect for a Friday night once baby is asleep and we actually get to watch a film!




8. Meridian bars – These chewy and filling bars are so tasty and great for pre gym fuel.  I love anything with cocoa so my favourite is peanut and cocoa. They provide a good amount of protein, no funny stuff and go amazingly with an almond milk latte!



For more snack ideas and to see what keeps me fuelled check out my Instagram @mummy_fuel, I love to know if anyone has any other mummy snacks that i could add to my list, and my food bill!!!!


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