Being Mum, Being Me


About me…

The journey into motherhood has been turbulent at times and it continues to have its highs and lows. As a primary school teacher, I have had years of caring for and teaching other people’s children but when the time came to have my own, there were a few stumbling blocks in our way!

I have always had an enthusiasm and passion for healthy living and finding that balance between food and exercise. A few years ago, without me really realising, my passion had escalated into an obsession and the balance was gone! Unfortunately this was a possible reason that we were finding the road to conceiving a child a little longer than we had anticipated. My cycle of punishing cardio workouts 7 days a week needed to change and I needed to fuel my body, not deny it!

This is when my life changed and I began to see things very differently, this was the start of my motherhood transformation!