My aim for food is to keep it balanced, nutritious and delicious, without it taking hours to prepare and without endless lists of complicated ingredients! As a mum, you need food quickly but that shouldn’t mean your taste buds and health have to suffer.

Having IBS  issues which particularly flare up when I eat wheat and gluten or when I do not eat for longer than 3 hours have caused me to rethink my diet! So I go by the theory of ‘little and often’, but sometimes its not so little! I love to experiment with different products and have a weakness for nut butters, nut milks, coffee (one a day!) and snacks! I am also a bit of a porridge fiend and love trying out new toppings and flavours! As a breastfeeding mummy, I have really needed those extra calories over the last 7 months and I have made sure I have had them from the right kind of foods.

For those of you who follow me on instagram, @mummy_fuel  you will have already seen some of the recipes I use regularly and some of the amazing products that I use.

I will post more detailed recipes and would really love to know if any of you try them!



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