My Favourite Porridge Recipes

So I thought that it was about time to share my biggest love/obsession as I am very passionate about breakfast and more specifically, porridge! I remember life before baby, when porridge was made with water with no toppings, it fuelled me but it was dull and tasteless. So now I am a mummy, I particularly see the importance of a very good breakfast. I always wake up hungry and love the time spent making and eating my breakfast with baby boy! When I was breastfeeding, the importance of breakfast was even more so, I needed all the energy especially after a couple of night feeds!

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Baking Fuel

For all you busy mummies and non-mummies out there, here are some quick and easy  and gluten free recipes I have been perfecting over the last few weeks to try and incorporate more healthy protein into my diet.

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Sweet Treats

I thought I would share two of my favourite protein snacks. These two are delicious and really quick and easy to make, the ingredients are also easy to get and do not cost the earth, I wanted to save some money on all the bars I was buying!

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My Favourite Mummy Fuel Snacks

I have always been a grazer and live by the ‘little and often’ rule. This not only keeps me energised but also keeps my stomach cramps at bay. Snacking also became a necessity when I started breastfeeding as I needed the extra calories and also the energy the snacks gave me to keep on going all day, and night! I also need an extra burst of energy to see me through my workouts especially if they are later in the day (when Daddy gets home!). With all this in mind, I wanted to share my favourite, shop bought, snacks with you.

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